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Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

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9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

Eating the healthy yet clean foods daily is important. One of the good ideas for improving your health condition is to take about two eggs per day. It will give the good impacts including these 9 things below.

Kept You Away from Cardiovascular Problems

Many people have thought that eggs are the source of cholesterols. It makes them feel so worried about consuming eggs every day. It is not really wrong but actually, it is not really true as well. The cholesterol with the phosphatides in eggs is a kind of health one which will help to reduce the bad cholesterols called LDL. That is because the egg is also rich in omega3 acid which will effectively balance the triglyceride level that often causes the various kinds of cardiovascular disease. Thus, you do not need to get worried anymore to try consuming eggs every day, as like two eggs per day.

Losing the Weight Effectively

Another great benefit if you consume two eggs per day is it will help you lose your weight effectively yet safely. Consuming eggs as your breakfast menu is a good idea especially if you are on weight loss diet. That is because it effectively reduces your appetite by giving the longer feeling of full. You feel full much longer than before so that it will help you reduce your appetite for taking for foods or meals. It will also reduce your appetite to take more snacks during the breakfast and lunchtime. It also helps to promote the weight loss. This is also the fact which has been clinically proven. Thus, you do not need to worry about your weight anymore.

Lowering the Risk of Cancer

There are some studies which conclude that choline of the eggs is helpful to lower some kinds of cancer risks. That is including reducing the risk of breast cancer. Women who take about two up to three eggs per day can decrease the risk of breast cancer by about 18%. That is really amazing fact so that do not be too worried about consuming the chicken eggs every day because there are lots of health problems risks which can be reduced. Cancer is still one of the scariest diseases for almost all people. If you are one of them, taking two eggs per day accompanied by having the healthy diet will help you to keep fit, healthy, and be away from cancer.

The Source of High B Vitamins

There is a bunch of good nutrients and vitamins in chicken eggs so that it is reasonable that consuming eggs regularly and moderately will give the better health condition including being away from lots of health diseases. Eggs also become the source of high B vitamins. That is helpful in creating the hormone of sex. The folic acid which is also the part of B vitamins will effectively help to reduce the risk of the mental retardation. By knowing this fact, it also becomes one of the reasons why the pregnant women need to take enough B vitamins especially the B9. If you are pregnant taking eggs daily will also be a good idea but be sure to consume it moderately.

Getting the Better Healthier Skin

There is no woman who does not want to get the healthy and beautiful skin. That is especially for the women aged 35 up to 40s when lots of aging signs have appeared, as like the sagging skin, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and so on. Consuming eggs on the daily basis can help the dark spots disappear, and also the skin gets lifted. That is significantly seen, while for the men, the wrinkles are seen around eyes can be faded. That is why it is said that consuming eggs on such the daily basis will help to slow down the process of aging and also improving the skin condition.

The Source of Vitamin D

Eggs are also the good source of vitamin D. This is the kind of vitamin which is needed by the body. It will affect much of the health. Even though eggs are not the only sources of vitamin D but it is one of the affordable options which are also much easier to be obtained from us. There are lots of benefits which we can obtain in fulfilling the need of vitamin D. Fulfilling the need of vitamin D will help to improve the absorption of calcium. Of course, then, it will help strengthen your bone and teeth effectively. Thus, if you take lots of sources of calcium without fulfilling the vitamin D, it can affect none.

Improving your Eyesight

Lutein can be found much in eggs. That is the substance which affects much in improving the eyesight to be much clearer. When you get the deficiency of the lutein, it affects the changes of the eye tissues. That may cause the accumulation of the tissues and cause the worse condition of eyesight.  This is a good idea for you to try taking more sources of lutein, as like the eggs. It means consuming eggs on the common daily basis combined with the healthy diet is a good idea.

Improving your Hair Condition

Eggs are also rick of vitamin B12, biotin, and even the digestible protein for nourishing. Those are great as the nutrients for the hair and also the skin. Thus, taking those nutrients moderately will help you get the better healthier hair and also skin. That will make your hair looks shiny and healthy and avoid the brittles and also the loss of the hair.

The Source of Choline for your Brain

Your brain needs choline and it can be obtained from eggs as one of the sources of choline. Consuming about two up to three eggs per one day can help you fulfill the brain need of choline. That is the important nutrient which can help boost the functions of the organs. That will also help prevent the loss of memory and also some other common problems of the brain. Consuming moderate eggs will help you to keep the brain healthy and strong.

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